Masha ALLAH.. Azan was being recited in a church in america. This calling of the Adhan in the Marble Collegiate Church located at 275, Fifth Avenue, in Manha…
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Michael Silverman – Silent Night

from The Church Piano: 50 Greatest Hymns and Worship Songs of the Christian Church

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Chicago, IL (PRWEB) March 13, 2014

In a rare musical offering, Chicagos interfaith community will come together on April 6 and unite under one roof, as they share the music and harmonies of their faiths, bringing the best of their cultures to create an uplifting and spiritual experience.

The Sounds of Faith Concert brings together the three Abrahamic Faiths (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) providing an afternoon of unity and melody, utilizing unique instruments from around the world and both ancient and modern spiritual music.

People of all cultures and religions are invited to join us for Sounds of Faith on Sunday, April 6, 2014 from 3 5 p.m. at Anshe Emet Synagogue, 3751 N. Broadway, Chicago.

The Arnold H. Kaplan MD Cantorial Chair Hazzan Alberto Mizrahi says, As the sounds of each faith come together, our audience will be struck by both the contrasts and similarities in the music and cultures of our interfaith communities as we seek to strengthen our bonds.

Sounds of Faith, the 12th Annual Dr. Arnold H. Kaplan Concert at Anshe Emet Synagogue, features: World famous Cantor Alberto Mizrahi, Schola Antiqua of Chicago, The Islamic Foundation Childrens Choir, Beth Shalom Bnai Zaken Ethiopian Hebrew Choir, the thrilling Dexter Walker and the Zion Movement gospel choir, Father Apostolos of St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church, Cantor Aviva Katzman of Temple Sholom and Anshe Emets SHIREINU.

Sound is what binds us together. Sound unites people to a higher being and to one another, says Dr. Shakeela Hassan founder of Harran Productions Foundation and creator of the Sounds of Faith concept. “All who hear it will be mesmerized by the sound, music, story and voices that emanate from this world class ensemble.”

Tickets start at $ 20 per person and may be purchased on line at or by calling (773) 281-1423. For more information visit

About Anshe Emet Synagogue

Anshe Emet Synagogue is one of the oldest and most prominent congregations of Conservative Judaism in America. It is well known for a variety of prayer services, a multi-generational membership and a broad range of programming.

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Colorado Springs, Colo. (PRWEB) March 13, 2014

Lee Geysbeek, Compassion Internationals radio marketing director, has been elected to the National Religious Broadcasters board of directors, class of 2017.

Before joining Compassion in 2009 as the Radio Marketing Director, Geysbeek served as the Senior Vice President of Broadcasting at Cornerstone University Radio (WCSG, Mission Network News and His Kids Radio) for 35 years.

In addition to National Religious Broadcasters, Geysbeek currently serves Cornerstone Alumni Association and Keys for Kids Ministry (Childrens Bible Hour) boards. He resides in Grand Rapids, Mich. with his wife Janice. Together, they have three children and eight grandchildren.

About Compassion International

Compassion International is the worlds leading authority in child sponsorship. Compassion revolutionized the fight against global poverty by equipping the Church to develop children out of poverty to become responsible and fulfilled Christian adults. It is the only child sponsorship program to be validated through independent, empirical research. Today, Compassion partners with more than 6,000 Christian churches in 26 countries to release more than 1.4 million babies, children and students from poverty in Jesus name. Compassion has been awarded the highest rating for financial stewardship and transparency for 12 consecutive years by Charity Navigator, Americas largest charity evaluator. For more information on the ministry, visit or follow on Twitter at @compassion.

About National Religious Broadcasters

National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) is a unique gathering of people, united by purpose and message: to proclaim the Good News of eternal life through Jesus Christ; to transform culture through the application of sound biblical teaching; and to advance biblical truth, to promote media excellence, and to defend free speech. NRB is a non-partisan international association of committed broadcasters and Christian communicators coming together to spread the life-changing Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through every electronic medium available. Our member outreach touches every continent through Christian radio, television, Internet and other media arts. We hold deeply-rooted beliefs that religious liberty is the cornerstone of a free society, and that we must protect those freedoms so that the transforming reality of Jesus Christ can reach hearts and minds the world over. We provide our members with important resources and effective tools to help them reach their mission goals. NRB also fosters unity among its members, promoting their passion to share knowledge and find solutions to challenges, thereby increasing excellence in their craft. The association protects access to the worlds electronic and digital media, ensuring that the Gospel goes out unimpeded to reach the four corners of the earth.


Tucson, AZ (PRWEB) June 12, 2014

Up and coming Christian Author Charles Sabo has just released the book of the ages. As the world heads toward another year of events that are quickly leading to Jesus Christs removal of His church, God has urgency to reveal His Redemptive Plan to the world. The Feasts, The Harvest and The Resurrection reveals how God has moved upon Israel and the World to bring His children to eternal life with Him.

The Feasts, The Harvest and the Resurrection explains God’s plan for the humanity. After Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden, God gave mankind a promise for a redeemer to bring the human race back to a perfect world and relationship with Him. Man cannot bring redemption for himself; God needed to bring His redemption to mankind through His Son, Jesus Christ. There is an adversary that has desired to prevent this. God has managed to bring Christ into the world through a chosen people whom were subjected to many attacks and influences of this adversary. God used the Feasts of the Lord and the harvest schedule of Israel to show Israel how He would redeem mankind. Most of Israel fell ignorant to what God was planning and fell victim to the deceitfulness of the adversary. God still has succeeded to bring the first part of His plan to come to pass. Meanwhile, the adversary has a plan of his own. The book that you should read is The Feasts, The Harvest and The Resurrection so to understand how God has accomplished the redemption of mankind so far and the remaining work that is yet to be done. Not everyone will experience the Resurrection of Life; God has planned another resurrection for the others that do not receive His free gift of grace. Which resurrection will you experience? Visit to order your paperback copy of this book; there is an additional link on the website to go to Amazon Kindle Store for an online download of this book.

The Feasts, The Harvest and the Resurrection brings the book of revelation to a new realization for those that want more understanding. The world is living in the endtimes and the rapture of the church is very soon. Every prophecy in the news brings mankind more reason to understand what is happening. All should read this Amazing Book so to be able to understand and experience the Resurrection of Life.


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Michael Silverman – Joy to the World

from The Church Piano: 50 Greatest Hymns and Worship Songs of the Christian Church

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Michael Silverman – Carol of the Bells

from The Church Piano: 50 Greatest Hymns and Worship Songs of the Christian Church

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Rev. Joseph Retau  Bible Study at Mara Christian Church of America Baltimore MD

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